3 Simple Tips You Can Use to Get the Perfect Wristwatch

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1. The watchcase shape

Most men’s watches in Malaysia (and in the whole world) feature round dial since this shape is optimal for every timepiece’s legibility. If you just want to buy a watch that simply looks good on you, pick a well-designed round-faced piece. However, if you are aiming for a more unique style, consider a square-faced one.

2. The watch style

A sport-style timepiece will contribute to your manly look, while a sophisticated dress watch would make you appear more genteel. Keep in mind that sports watches can look good on any corporate suit, as long as it looks dressy enough. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can buy 2 watches for informal and formal occasions.

3. The watch brand

The watch brand is not really a direct indicator of a person’s style. However, it can still impact other people’s impression about you. A popular watch brand will immediately communicate to them a timepiece’s value, and then attach that value to you. For those people on a budget who want a classy-looking watches, Japanese watches are good choices. Despite not being quality, high-end pieces, they still get a lot of respect in the industry.