How to Get the Right Watch for Your Groom?

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So, you’re going to get married soon and you want to give your groom-to-be something
that he will never forget. No, I am not talking about your love (though, that makes
perfect sense). I am talking about a wristwatch.
Men can only have a few acceptable accessories that they can wear that will make their
look dramatically better and wearing a watch is just one of them.
So, if you are planning to buy your future husband a new watch, then you will want to
read the entire article as I will tell you the things that you need to consider when getting

Watch Movements

The first consideration that you need to think about is the watch’s movement. Although
there are plenty of different watch movements out there, you should only concern
yourself with two. They are the Automatic and Quartz watch movements.
The Automatic watch movement falls under the umbrella of mechanical watches. The
reason why it is called an automatic mechanical watch is the fact that its mechanism
relies upon a mainspring- which is a coiled metal that has to be wounded down in order
for the watch to start working.
An automatic watch doesn’t require you to manually set the watch while it is in motion,
but it has to be worn so that you can supply kinetic energy to its self-winding feature that
will do all of the winding for you.
Quartz watches are characterized by their ability to be operated using a single-cell
battery. You can tell that it is a quartz watch simply by just looking at the second-hand
and if it moves in a staggering motion, then that is a telltale sign that it is indeed a
Quartz watch.
Which one should you choose? Well. Quartz watches are more accurate in terms of
timekeeping, but automatic watches are sexier. You may want to go for the latter option.


Of course, you have to think about the size of the watch as well. Ideally, you want to get
a watch that fits perfectly on your groom’s wrist. Most men typically fall within 38mm-
42mm in wrist diameter but you can take an accurate measurement if you have to.
You have to be mindful of the watch lugs- the little protrusions where you can anchor
the watch strap– because those lugs have to be well within their wrist in order for it to be
a good fit.


What is your husband’s personality? For the most part, you can go away with a casual
watch that either has a nato or leather strap. But, if your future husband is a more active
individual, you may want to give him a watch that is tough enough to withstand the
rigors of physical activity.

Research on the Brands

If you have the right budget, you can research the best possible brands that fall within
your price limit. If you can spend anywhere between $1000-$2000, I suggest that you
look into Omega or Rolex watches. They are the brands that make some really amazing
men’s watches, but you can also settle for other watchmaking companies as well.