How to Join an Affiliate Network?

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Ever tried looking for a job as a fresh graduate only for you to find out that most of the
jobs that you like to get are those that require at least some years of experience? That
is actually one of the most frustrating parts of being a fresh graduate and I know that it
truly sucks.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online and if you want
to join an affiliate network to be acquainted with a lot of different companies, there are
some networks that might not allow you to get in.

That is because this 20-something-plus-years old industry is now stricter when it comes
to new affiliates. Why do you think that is? Well, there are two main reasons: Risk and

Affiliate networks play with risk when trying to take as many affiliates as possible since
there are some that might turn out to be affiliate fraudsters or they might be ultra-
aggressive with their marketing campaigns that it hurts the network’s reputation.

Aside from that, hiring affiliates is a chore since an affiliate network has only so many
affiliate managers that it might be impossible to help newer affiliates.

For instance, the newbie affiliate might not know anything at all how the industry works
and teaching them how it is done will require additional time and resources on the
network’s part, which is something that they do not have given how competitive this
industry is. Therefore, there are some affiliate networks that only hire affiliates who have
some experience with this right from the get-go as opposed to getting a completely
oblivious person right off the bat.

So, How Do You Get Hired?

Despite the fact that affiliate networks nowadays are stringent when it comes to the
screening and selection process, there are some things that you can do on your part
that will help increase your chances of getting hired. Read further for some tips.

1. Take Everything Seriously

If you want to join the network, you are going to be required to fill out some forms. There
will be some questions there that need answering and what you put there will let them
know if you are truly serious about this.

For instance, if they ask you questions and you only answer with one sentence replies,
then your risk of getting rejected is high. But, if you elaborate it to the best that you can
without it being too wordy, now that is something that will help them consider your

2. Tell Them Your Strengths

Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses and if you are asked to say what
your strengths are, it is important that you tell them everything that you have and
elaborate it to them with examples.

So for instance, you are a blogger that wants to try affiliate marketing and you create
compelling content that helps attract more internet traffic. That, to me, is a strength and
that is something that you’re going to want to tell the affiliate network you are applying

3. Use Other Networks as a Platform

Now, there are more established networks and there are those that you can use as a
stepping stone to help you land a better job.

If your dream affiliate network did not hire you because they have a minimum
requirement, say, earn $2000 in one year, then go to a much more newbie-friendly
platform and use it as a stepping stone.

Once you’ve gained the experience and you have something to show for, your dream
affiliate network will have no more reasons not to hire you.