Surviving Architecture School: 5 Tips From Recent Graduates

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1. Leave the work at the office.

Even the most efficient professionals at top architecture firms in Malaysia know how to rest and relax. Leave all the work at the office. It’s crucial to keep your home life separate from work life. Studying to be an architect can be stressful, but so learn how to relax. Never forget to spend time with your family and friends.

2. Keep the bigger picture in mind.

All the requirements at architecture school would make you feel that is already the end of the world. That is completely normal. An architecture student will have his or her own dark moments. Just keep a positive mindset.

3. Make new friends.

Don’t underestimate the power of having good connections. Remember, your architecture career starts at architecture school. You’ll never know who you will meet, and who can help you out in the future. Always make new friends with studio mates. These people would be your best resources for project critiques, software tips and precedents.

4. Take a short break from time to time.

At some point in architecture school, you will encounter some problems. Your structural layouts may not work well, and may encounter issues with your computer software. During these times of frustration, it’s always better to take a short break. Once you are back, you will regain strength, and have fresh, new perspectives.

5. Practice prioritizing in life and in school.

Architecture is all about focusing on the most important things. Learn how to prioritize. Spend your time wisely. Some people think that if you pick architecture as your major, you will never enjoy other things in college. Prove them wrong.