Football & SEO: three things every club should rank for

Football clubs, like any other sports club or organization, need good search traffic and seo campaign. It serves as a solid foundation for generating increasing revenues and more fan engagement. This is the reason why Bing and Google are essential for any football club.

How can you manage a successful football club website? What should it rank for? What are the challenges?

1. Commercial StreamsFootball player south korea by Bingenberg

All web traffic can provide upsell opportunities. However, you should still continue to attract people who are ready to finalize their purchases. Make sure that your ticketing section is at the top of Google listings. This way, they can easily find the details they need concerning availability.

An easy-to-use, smooth booking system, together with useful, compelling content can ensure that your section will meet every visitor’s needs.

Ranking for merch, however, is a bit different. Many clubs would prefer to have another dedicated website as an official store. Your challenge? Overcoming competition from other sports retailers that sell and stock the exact same items.

Don’t forget to incorporate detailed product descriptions, optimized product photos, useful internal links and easy-to-crawl URL structures.

2. Club News

Relevant, fresh content is a main component of every successful SEO strategy. In football, good content can come from various forms, from the latest fixtures to the matchday updates. However, it is the football club’s most recent news that can provide the best opportunities. Your challenge? The competition comes from various news sources posting the same content. You can compete by leveraging on your own advantage. Of course, you have greater access to the manager and the players. Thus, your content will have a better value—better video footages, imagery and behind-the-scene materials.

3. Player Names

Fans are always hungry for information about the players. This should be at the top of the priority content list. The more exclusive news you post about the players, the more traffic you will attract. Another idea is to weave in social media profiles such as Instagram and Twitter to your website. However, at times, the separation between these platforms are also crucial.

At the end of the day, it’s all about providing unique and regular insights about the players.

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