What is Cloud Website Hosting?

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What is exactly is cloud website hosting?

A cloud-based website hosting service uses the resources of many clustered servers. This means that your pages will be utilizing the virtual resources of many servers which can provide and accommodate all your web hosting needs.

The load is evenly balanced, so there is no need to worry about security. All of the hardware resources will be available virtually.

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Who can benefit from this kind of hosting service?

This kind of web hosting is often utilized by websites that have already outgrown the resources of their current shared hosting provider. This means that that if your web pages becomes popular, and begins hogging the resources supplied by the shared server, you will need to look for another website hosting solution to fulfill all your needs.

In some cases, people would tend to settle for dedicated hosting via which the website has its very own server. The thing is, dedicated hosting is more expensive, and requires a particular level of IT knowledge. This can be a tricky option for newbies.

This is the part where cloud website hosting enters the scene. It offers many advantages compared to dedicated hosting, while it manages to address most IT-related challenges.

Cloud Hosting versus Dedicated Servers and VPS

By juxtaposing dedicated and cloud hosting servers, you will realize that every solution has its own pros and cons. At the end of the day, cloud website hosting would emerge victoriously.


One of the biggest advantages of cloud website hosting is the opportunity to access the needed resources as your brand and business grow.