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What is the Most Important Thing in a Blog Post?

You have successfully created your own blog and you’re now on your way to create articles for your audience to see. But, there are so many things that you need to consider to become a successful blogger.

There is actually one important thing that you must always remember when you are creating your content and you will have to read through the rest of the article to find out what it is. Trust me, it is worth it.

So, what is the Most Important Thing in a Blog?

You might have already determined your niche and you might have already determined your target audience, but one of the most important things that you always have to remember as a blogger is to create things that are actually likable. Let me explain.

According to a blogger and cartoonist, Matthew Inman, the owner of the website ‘The Oatmeal’, he said that you should put your energy into things that are likable.

Most of us rely on something that is trending and reports on it. Although those things can be likable at times; it is not often that people would actually consume that content- let alone do it for a long time.

Now, what makes a post likable? Well, it should make your readers feel something. In other words, it has to evoke a certain emotion so that people will actually love to go back for more.

Create articles that are sad, hilarious, interesting, beautiful, inspiring, or what Inman says, ‘simply awesome’.

Now, you might argue why ‘how-to’ articles are the most popular blog post topics in the world. Well, that is probably because it informs, it inspires, or it is interesting to people who are looking for such information.

Another thing that you want to take into consideration that is in-line with creating likable posts is to make sure that you also exude your personality into the things that you write.

Oftentimes, we copy a lot of people, especially the most successful ones, thinking that you can also bask in the same glory as they have. It may work, but I’d argue that it won’t- at least, for a long time.

Additional Stuff

Now that you know that your posts should be something that people actually love reading- one that evokes a certain emotion- you should also think about additional stuff as well.

Say, you have a visitor that will arrive in a couple of hours, what would be your inclination? Well, I would clean my house and make it more appealing to my visitors so that their time spent in my home would be worthwhile.

The same premise applies here. Treat your blog as your own house- albeit an online one. Make sure that it is tidy, presentable, and will help elevate your audiences’ experience when reading your blog posts.

The main takeaway here, before I end this article, is that you always have to think about your audience. At the end of the day, one of the major reasons why you’re making a blog is to help convey a message. So, write on fellow bloggers!

Steps of Choosing a Blog Niche That Will Definitely Allow You to Blog Full-time

How to start a blog in Malaysia? JUST imagine that you are starting to write your first ever novel. You can start searching online for some important tips to ensure that you are approaching it correctly.

Like blogging, what topics you interested with? Choosing a niche for your blog? Well, that’s why it is so important. The only thing is, to assemble an effective blog quickly, you don’t want to go for a variety of a target audience.

Being an ideal fit for a particular type of a reader – which is the thing that happens when you niche down the right way – is the thing that will enable you to develop your following/communnity fast.

List of the topics you’re passionate or interest about.

The most important part here, especially if you are thinking about your topic, is that you need to list down all the topics or ideas that you really wanted to talk about in your blog. You need to think about serving your community and truly care about the individuals you’re assisting with your blog entries in the event that you need to succeed.

List of the topics that you have enough knowledge / skill in.

Of course! No one wants to pick a topic that you don’t know. It’s a shame. What matters the most is that you choose a topic that you have enough knowledge to discuss with, although you can search it and understand but the nicest idea here is to choose a topic that you are comfortable with. The more knowledge you have, the more readers/ visitors come to your blog.

You need to pick a blog niche topic where you don’t generally need to reference different online journals when you compose – the information originates from you. That is the thing that will enable you to ascend to the highest point of your industry rapidly and set yourself apart as a go-to asset.

Looking for overlap and considering profitability.

If you can find overlap, chances, then you’ve found a great niche option. If you are willing to earn by blogging, you must consider the important things that have mentioned above. This way, you can monetize your blog and earn more. Preferably, you need your niche to be something you won’t become weary of – something that will be important for some time and pleasant to expound on.

Picking your blog niche, you have to think about benefit and a passion/purpose on it. Without benefit, your blog is a game and not a business.