Category: Event Management

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an Event Planner

1. General Support and Capabilities Provided

What are the factors that I should consider when working on a hybrid meeting?
What is your business’ area of expertise?
What specific services are provided when deploying a corporate meeting?

2. Media and Production Services

Details on event technical direction?
Do I need to provide my own event technical equipment?
Technician/equipment oversight?
I heard that you are one of the best event planners in Malaysia. How will your team handle design and graphics?

3. Operations Structure

What communication approach do you prefer? Are you always reachable through phone call?
Will I work with an entire team of event planners during the entire process, or will I be given only one contact person?
How many event planners will be available to assist me on the day of the event?

4. Financial Reporting Procedures

How often will you provide billing updates?
Are all the final bills documented, paid and delivered as one package?

5. Company Philosophy

How are you planning to handle the smallest details?
Will our own company values align?