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8 Benefits of Mobile App Development for Business Applications

There is a reason why Google has launched the mobile-first initiative back in 2015
because business owners cannot deny that the vast majority of their customers are now
using smartphones and other mobile devices.

With that being said, entrepreneurs should truly consider mobile app development as it
brings with it a lot of benefits both for them and their potential customers.

So in this article, I will go over some of the benefits of having an app for business.

More Monetization

Let’s say that you have run a very successful brick and mortar store for quite a while
and let’s consider that you’re already enjoying a lot of profits as a result. Well, what if I
tell you that having an app can increase your customer base manifold?

Instead of catering to a local crowd, a mobile application can help spread your business
across a global audience. That means that you can easily market your products and
services globally, thereby increasing your profits by a lot.

Allows You to Showcase Your Products

When you are going to offer new products and services, you no longer have to spend a
lot of money on advertising as you can easily showcase them within your application itself.

Improves Customer Engagement

If you are going to run promos and discounts on your store, you can easily improve
customer engagement by letting your customers know about them.

You can easily notify them using push notifications and again, you no longer have to
spend money on traditional advertising methods.

Can Be Accessible Anytime

The problem with physical stores is that at some point during the day, you would have
to close the shop. Having a mobile application for your business will allow people to
place orders even though it is not your official office hours yet. You can instantly cater to
their orders as soon as you resume operations the next day.

More Connection Opportunities

Let’s say that some of your loyal customers already know of your e-commerce website,
having an application will just help improve brand visibility and will present another
avenue for your customers to get a hold of your products and services (and in a more
convenient way).

Helps You to Know About Some Business Metrics

Knowing the metrics of your business will help tell you if you are doing a good job or
not. Fortunately, a mobile application can be created in a way that will help track
important data that will help you know if you are indeed doing the right things or not.

Your Customers Can Interact with You at Any Time

Your mobile application can be a way for your customers to contact you, especially if
they have concerns or queries about the products and services that you offer.

Improved Support

Since your customers can reach you at any time, they can rest assured that their
problems can be addressed in a timely manner. Once you address their concerns, you
can expect more happy customers and potentially more customers will come to your
store in the future.

How To Create the Ultimate Mobile Application Development Strategy?

Mobile app development services in Malaysia – It is safe to say that you are arranging Mobile Application Strategy for your business and need to realize how to build up a powerful procedure? Here we will share some valuable tips to make an extreme Mobile Application Development Strategy.

Mobile Applications are most basic piece of any little to huge business technique. With the correct procedure, Mobile Applications can build the brand perceivability or help to offer some incentive to outside partners. And yet, one wrong methodology can destroy the majority of your endeavors.

Understand Everything

Before planning a procedure profound comprehension of the organization’s general targets, objectives, prerequisites, Dependencies, and competitors is important. You have to know where your organization is, the economic situations it works in, the most grounded contenders, where your pioneers need it to be, the client venture, shortcomings, the qualities, openings and dangers your organization is confronting and so on. Ensure that your organization’s ultimate objective connects with the objective client of the application to enhance your client. It is the fundamental component for your procedure to be more fruitful.

Creative Planning

Before making a mobile application, you have to make an appropriate arrangement about what will be helpful for your crowd, who will utilize this application, what you need to accomplish, what is the normal end of life of the mobile application and so on. Plenteous of stages for Mobile applications are accessible nowadays so you ought to need to choose which one suits you the most as per transportability, support and so on.

For Development

Once you choose what sort of mobile application you need as indicated by your business prerequisites, continue to structure and improvement process.

Application Promotion

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template is a record which assesses how available a specific item is as indicated by the Section 508 Standards. So before sending your application for endorsement, make your content or application available under Section 508.

Updates and Maintenance

Plan a financial plan for application upkeep, forthright arranging of App support and Updates can prompt diminished expenses in long haul. This methodology will enable you to center around conveying enhanced highlights. More or less, we can state that a full evidence procedure prompts an incredible Mobile App. It increases the value of the association when followed accurately.

Some of the Best Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

There is no denying that mobile applications have changed our lives for the better. Everything is now more streamlined and we can access a bevy of different services just by using our smartphones. Due to this fact, smartphone users have skyrocketed since 2012. Every year, there is a huge increase in the smartphone population, prompting mobile app developers to make sure that their application is going to be used by the masses. Today, I am going to talk about some of the best mobile app development trends in 2019.

Progressive Web Apps

You might not have heard of this before, but you might actually be using it without your knowledge. Progressive Web Apps are basically applications that you can use from within a browser installed on your phone. The only difference between PWA and a normal app is that the former no longer needs to be installed on your device.

All you really need to do is access the application from within the browser by typing the appropriate URL and it will automatically do its thing by providing you with the features that you want. You will need to use the internet to access the platform once, but when you put a shortcut on your phone’s homepage, it can be accessed from there (even without an active internet connection).

Mobile Wallets

There are two reasons why people are now reluctant to bring with them their wallets. First, they do not want that people can just steal it and two, there are more convenient ways to pay for stuff nowadays. That is why mobile wallets are only going to be more popular in the coming years. These are applications that would allow the user to pay for the items that they’ve purchased using a smartphone. Some examples of this are Alipay and Google Pay, among many others.


You might have heard of Blockchain technology before. It is well-known for its use in cryptocurrencies, but its functionality goes far beyond that. When used in developing mobile applications, the developer will be able to create a decentralized application that is neither owned by anyone and does not have any downtime, among many other advantages. Of course, that would have to be implemented by app developers, but we can expect it in even more prominent apps in the foreseeable future.

On-Demand Apps

On-demand applications are going to be popular in the near future. Its rise is actually inevitable considering that we are moving forward with the premise of having convenience across the board. According to a recent report, about 42% of the smartphone population makes use of some kind of on-demand app. Some popular examples of this include Grab and Uber, but there are going to be more in the future.

Wearable Devices

There is no doubt that wearable devices are going to be a thing moving forward. Just like our skepticism of smartphones before, we can expect that device wearables may outperform their smartphone counterparts. As of now, we are still going to use a smartphone to further the uses of a wearable gadget, but we might live in a world where wearables can trump a smartphone in terms of usage (who knows).